The Danish ESS simulation group

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The Danish ESS simulation group partakes in a number of tasks related to the simulation of neutron scattering instruments and components for the European Spallation Source (ESS).

Calendar / Future events

Follow this link for our public calendar and use this link (iCal) to subscribe.


A non-exhaustive list of past, present and future responsibilities of the group is:

  • Training in simulation techniques.
  • Help desk for McStas.
  • Simulations of general interest, such as e.g. beam extraction and guides.
  • Development of critical components for McStas.
  • Simulation of consequences of changes to accelerator time structure.
  • Simulations of particular instruments on request from ESS.
  • Virtual experiments.
  • Development of interfaces for data analysis software.
  • Quality assurance of all simulations.
  • Participation in the ESS Neutron guide task force